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When you go through something tough and people ask you how you do it the answer isn’t easy, but it is so simple

Pain is the Best Teacher 0

Pain is the Best Teacher

We all want to avoid pain. It’s not fun to be shackled to chains of hurt, grief, betrayal, unforgiveness, and bitterness. We carry the weight and heaviness of pain around us like bricks and...

Why Kids Are Better Than Us 0

Why Kids Are Better Than Us

Kids are just better than us. It’s a fact. I’ve worked with kids my entire adult life and have three of my own and I never stop learning from them.  Here are just 11...

A New Season 0

A New Season

There are so many seasons in parenting. Each new school year seems to mark the beginning of another season. From the too big backpack on your preschooler to the last first day of high...

Teachers Aren’t Heroes 0

Teachers Aren’t Heroes

Teachers aren’t heroes. But sometimes their work is heroic.  Right now, most teachers are either deep in the throes of the chaos of a new school year or getting ready to start back, anticipating...

My Favorite Money Apps 0

My Favorite Money Apps

As a mom that’s just trying to manage a household and get by with everyone alive and fed, I love anything that helps make life easier (or cheaper). I tend to over research everything...

Making Purpose From Pain 0

Making Purpose From Pain

Not a single one of us will make it through life unscathed by something that shakes us to our core, brings us to our knees, changes us on an elemental level. Some people experience...