During my single mom days, I heard so many variations of “how do you do it?” and “I couldn’t do what you do.” I have said the same thing to others before. 

Here’s the truth. You just do it. Especially when you are a mom. You don’t think about it. You just do whatever it takes to do what needs to be done. 

You get up again and you tackle whatever challenges come your way. Again and again. 

You hold back you tears when it’s time to say goodbye, plaster a smile on your face, and save your breakdown for the car ride home. 

You allow yourself to grieve for the moments lost in little pockets of alone time, then you pull those big girl panties up and move forward.

You learn the beauty of surrender. It’s exhausting to constantly fight the inevitable and unchangeable. It’s a war that you can never win. You can be angry, sad, frustrated, scared-all the things, but if you spend all of your energy battling the things that you can’t change, you won’t have enough space left over to live in the joy, love, newness, and growth-all the good things.

You learn to set aside pride. You learn to push your ego aside. You learn how to become more selfless. 

You work harder on yourself than you ever imagined you could. Your flaws, your shortcomings, your demons, your fears. You “die to self” over and over again. Sometimes every day. Life forces you to face those things head on so that you can grow into the life that is meant for you.

You learn to fiercely guard and protect your peace. 

When you go through something tough and people ask you how you do it-the answer isn’t easy, but it is so simple. You just do. You dig deep. You survive moment to moment until eventually you move out of survival mode. You do the hardest work of your life. You find a new kind of joy that you didn’t you know existed through a kind of pain that you didn’t existed. 

You walk with others through their temporary brokenness, just as people did for you. You build. You seek peace. You move forward, one step at a time, into the life that was truly meant for you. 

How do you do it? You just do. 

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  1. All of the people go through have my respect, it’s not easy being a single mom and having to face challenges. Thank you for sharing!

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