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As a mom that’s just trying to manage a household and get by with everyone alive and fed, I love anything that helps make life easier (or cheaper). I tend to over research everything and in the process I have wasted a lot of precious time downloading apps that I never use, but I have also discovered a few that I use all the time that make life easier for me during these busy years of raising kids. 

I’m always looking for ways to save money or add a little income. The price of groceries (and everything else!) has skyrocketed and I’m invested more than ever on ways to save. Here are a few of my favorite apps for saving/managin money.


Qapital is a savings app where you can set goals and save in different ways. 

I have been using Qapital for years and it has helped me manage money and work toward savings goals. I love how easy it is to see savings and progress. 

Some of the goal categories I have created: travel, Christmas, home upgrades, emergency fund, wedding, and extra payment savings. You create your savings goal and then decide how you want to save toward your goal. Qapital has a 30 day free trial and then is $3 per month after that.

Savings options examples:

-round up to the nearest dollar on purchases (extra is rounded up and saved in your goal)

-set it and forget it-set a weekly or monthly amount to automatically go into your savings goal

-Spend Less-set a budget, stay under budget, and save the difference.

-Apple health-reward yourself when completing a health goal (number of steps per day, number of miles walked/run, etc)

-52 Week Rule: save $1 week one, $2 week two, $3 week three, etc for one year. 

I love being able to see my savings progress and it is so satisfying when you complete a goal and cash out. 

Cons: Transferring from Qapital back to your bank account can take a few days, so if you overestimate your savings, that can be a drawback. However, Qapital will automatically pause savings rules when your account gets low. 

My code below:

I’m reaching my goals with Qapital. Sign up with my code dv8um7us and we’ll both get $25!


I have recently discovered Brandclub and found it at the absolute most perfect time. My husband recently had a kidney transplant and had to be off work unpaid for two months. A friend posted about Brandclub and I immediately went into research mode and decided to give it a try. 

With Brandclub, you connect your online accounts to stores like Walmart, Target, Amazon, Kroger, and Chewy and it does the rest for you. Each time you shop, just sync your app for cash back. I love how easy it is. You can also earn cash back for taking surveys, joining brand clubs, and buying particular brands. 

The majority of my rewards have come from sharing my code. Each time someone signs up using your code, you get $12 and so do they. 

In just under one month, I have cashed out $928.78. The majority of that has been through sharing my code

Actual screenshot of my account below.


I have read some reviews that say customer service is not great and it is hard to get responses to issues. I have not yet dealt with customer service, so I can’t speak personally on this aspect.

You do need to connect a card or bank before you can cash out. 

It can be a little confusing understanding locked vs unlocked rewards and some rewards won’t unlock until you purchase another item from that brand.

You can only cash out $50 per day via Paypal or Venmo. There is a $1.50 transaction fee, but you’re still getting $48.50 for doing next to nothing.


Ibotta has been a long trusted favorite way to earn cash back. Ibotta is a cash back app that allows you to earn cash back on products through a variety of popular retail stores such as Walmart, Dollar General, Target, Amazon, Hulu, various hotels and more. I recently bought some Under Armour items for the kids and got 10% cash back just from using Ibotta. Just add the Ibotta app or browser extension and as you shop, cash back will be applied. 

For grocery store shopping, choose your store, add items in Ibotta that you will be buying, and then shop through the Ibotta app or browser. 

You can also redeem physical receipts for cash back on groceries. 

Don’t ever shop without checking Ibotta first. No need to leave money on the table and it all adds up!

Cons: Can’t cash out until you’ve earned $20 cash back


For savings on gas, Upside is a great app to help price compare and earn cash back each time you fill up. Simply download the app and Upside will search for participating gas stations in your area. You will get a list of gas stations, their price per gallon, and their cash back. My most recent gas fill up gave me 31 cents off per gallon and a total of $5.59 cash back. 

Cons: Only specific gas stations participate, so it takes a little planning. 

Click this link or use promo code KRISTIN727849 to get an extra 15¢/gal bonus the first time you make a purchase.

Click this link or use promo code KRISTIN727849


Rakuten is similar to Ibotta and includes cash back for tons of brands and products. Before you buy an item, type the brand or item into the Rakuten search bar and earn cash back. Rakuten offers both online and in store deals. 

Cons: redeem your cash back through Paypal, mailed check, or Amex membership rewards points. No bank deposits or gift card rewards and three months between cash outs. 


Debt Free Box

Debt Free Box: Snowball is a simple way to track your debt and pay it off faster. With this app, you just put in your loan information and decide which payoff strategy works best for you. I love the Snowball Method of paying off debt (paying off your smallest debt first and then applying that payment to your next smallest debt once it’s paid off). This app helps you keep track all in one place. I have made it a personal challenge to move that debt free date up as much as possible!

What awesome money related apps am I missing? I’d love to hear about your favorite ones in the comments!

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