Let It Be

Let it go. That’s what we are taught. Be the bigger person. Forgive them. Don’t let anger or bitterness poison you. Don’t react. Don’t let anyone pull you down to their level. 

You don’t have to let everything go. Sometimes you can just let it be. Let them do what they do. Let them be who they are. Stop trying to desperately fit people into spaces that they will never fit in and stop shrinking yourself to fit in spaces that aren’t your shape. 

You aren’t required to forgive the people that hurt you. You don’t have to defend yourself or explain yourself to anyone. Let people create whatever narrative they need and you keep seeking and living in truth. 

When it comes to the people that hurt you, let their actions be on them. You don’t have to carry who they are or what they did. They do. Let them be.

When people walk away, when they don’t choose you, let it be. People show you how they feel about you through their actions. If they don’t show you that they value you, let them be. 

The people that say one thing and do another. The ones that flip with who or what is most convenient or beneficial for them. The surface ones. Let them be. 

The ones that lie, gossip, deceive, hurt, manipulate put down. Let them be. 

Your life’s work is not to change them, make them see your side, get revenge or expose them for who they are. Life will do that all on its own. 

When they try to dim your light, let them be and just keep shining. 

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  1. Christine says:

    I love this advice! It reminds me of this great book I just read called You Should See Someone and she talks about the importance of letting it be. Thank you for these really helpful words.

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