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Let It Be 1

Let It Be

Let it go. That’s what we are taught. Be the bigger person. Forgive them. Don’t let anger or bitterness poison you. Don’t react. Don’t let anyone pull you down to their level.  You don’t...

People are going to people 0

People are going to people

One thing I’ve learned-People are always gonna people. People are often selfish, dishonest, hateful, jealous, judgmental and resentful. In life, people will probably betray you, deceive you and disappoint you. The ones that you...

How To Heal Your Heart 2

How To Heal Your Heart

1. Feel Your Feelings. No matter how hard you try to push down, suppress, ignore, or distract yourself from uncomfortable feelings like anger, sadness, despair, loneliness, guilt, resentment-your feelings will always find a way...