People are going to people

One thing I’ve learned-People are always gonna people.

People are often selfish, dishonest, hateful, jealous, judgmental and resentful.

In life, people will probably betray you, deceive you and disappoint you.

The ones that you thought would be your forever people might become strangers. People you fully trusted will lie to you without missing a beat. You may find that people you thought would always have your back, never did. People you were loyal to might discard you without a second thought. People you thought were cheering for you, were actually hoping you’d fail all along.

People can be really disappointing. Sometimes you’re that person to others. People are gonna people. It’s a hard lesson.

Something else I’ve learned…YOUR people are going to people, too.

Those are the ones that encourage you, defend you, breathe life into you, and show up for you consistently.

Your people will pray for you. They will walk with you through the hard and celebrate with you in the happy. They will challenge you and help you grow. They will always genuinely want you to win. You’ll never have to question where you stand with them.

You will know your people in the way they appear as sunlight in the darkest days of your life. You’ll know them by how safe you feel with them. You’ll know them by their consistency and their authenticity. You’ll know them because when you leave them, you’re left feeling lighter, more hopeful, more valued.

Those people, YOUR people, are the ones to pour your energy into. Those are the ones to forgive when needed and to fight for when required. They’re the ones worth having the hard conversations and sharing your vulnerability with. They’re the ones to spend your time with, because they are the ones that feed your soul.

For better or worse, people are always going to people. Not everyone is for you, you’re not for everyone-and that’s ok. But when you are lucky enough to find the ones that are, you’d better hold on tight. ♥️

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