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People are going to people 0

People are going to people

One thing I’ve learned-People are always gonna people. People are often selfish, dishonest, hateful, jealous, judgmental and resentful. In life, people will probably betray you, deceive you and disappoint you. The ones that you...

The Joy and the Suck 0

The Joy and the Suck

I have become very skilled at finding positives in challenging situations. Looking for the good, focusing on gratitude, taking what comes my way and making something meaningful from it, doing all the positive, self...

Fish Out Of Water 0

Fish Out Of Water

LIFE: Ok, here is how it is going to go. You are going to get divorced and on the days your kids aren’t with you, you are going to date. Oh, you haven’t dated...

How to know who your people are. 1

How to know who your people are.

Life is so much easier when you get to do it with the people that love you. It’s not easy finding your people. It takes authenticity, alignment, vulnerability, and intention. Some people that you...

The Freedom of Forgiveness 0

The Freedom of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is powerful. I used to believe that forgiving meant letting someone off the hook. I used to believe it was for the other person, and you had to be a martyr to forgive....



When you go through something tough and people ask you how you do it the answer isn’t easy, but it is so simple

The Stages of Grief 0

The Stages of Grief

During divorce, you will probably go through the five stages of grief. What I didn’t know is that grief is not linear. You don’t just go through the stages like a series of college...